The 750th and final episode of The Good Catholic Life radio program


On Friday June 20, The Good Catholic Life will air its 750th new episode.  Those of us who have collaborated on this new evangelization outreach consider it a great milestone.  We are so grateful that so many Catholics have tuned in to hear The Good Catholic Life over these past 39 months to hear us interview Catholic leaders, promote Catholic events, discuss Catholic news, and share experiences living our Catholic faith.

This 750th program will also be its last.

Because of a tight budget situation at iCatholic Media, and also at the Archdiocese of Boston and at WQOM, there is no longer the funding for a producer for The Good Catholic Life.

From the initial launch of The Good Catholic Life on Ash Wednesday 2011, it has been a partnership: WQOM provided the airtime, the Archdiocese provided space for the studio, benefactors paid for the cost of the equipment and studio wiring, and iCatholic Media paid for the salary of the show producer. The producer has been the MVP of our team, because he selects topics, invites guests, prepares materials for the hosts to read, develops a show schedule (typically six weeks out), technically engineers each show, and then distributes the podcast and show notes through email and social media.  We’ve been blessed to have had two superb producers for The Good Catholic Life – first, Rick Heil, and now Dom Bettinelli.

We accept the situation of the budget constraints and express gratitude for the funding and the partnership that has allowed 750 shows to be broadcast.

All 750 episodes and podcasts for The Good Catholic Life will continue to be available on

In July, Dom will be joining the staff at the Walpole/Sharon collaborative led by Father Chip Hines, host of our Friday shows.  Dom and Father Chip hope to continue to chart a course of innovation in the use of media communication tools in the new evangelization.

Catholic radio programming changes lives, as the many testimonials WQOM has received attest. Local programs like The Good Catholic Life have added a strong component to Catholic radio programming. Leaders of WQOM care deeply about local programming. We hope that through increased contributions to WQOM that it eventually will be able to fund new local programs, perhaps even a relaunch of The Good Catholic Life.

The Good Catholic Life would never have been able to make the 750 episode milestone were it not for the commitment of so many:  Fr. Chris O’Connor, Fr. Matt Williams, Susan Abbott, Fr. Mark O’Connell, Fr. Chip Hines, Michael Lavigne, Fr. Roger Landry, Gregory Tracy, George Martell, Karla Goncalves, Anna Johnson, Stacia Morabito and Rick Heil.  Likewise, it would never have been successful were it not for our faithful listeners.  Thank you for investing an hour each day to listen in the show.

All are invited to tune in for the final broadcast on June 20.

Thank you so much for listening.


P.S. WQOM will begin airing Kresta in the Afternoons at 4pm on 6/23.  We encourage you to continue to listening to Catholic radio during the 4pm hour.

Three Years of The Good Catholic Life!


In 2011, Ash Wednesday was on March 9.  Cardinal Seán O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston, chose also to begin the Lenten Catholics Come Home program on Ash Wednesday.

There was a well-attended 3pm news conference that day at the Archdiocese of Boston Pastoral Center in Braintree.  With ashes fresh on my forehead, I moderated the news conference until about 3:55pm, when I passed the moderating role to Terry Donilon so that I could rush downstairs to begin the first live episode of The Good Catholic Life (episode #001).  The Good Catholic Life is the official radio program and podcast of the Archdiocese of Boston and it is broadcast generously by the Station of the Cross, 1060AM, WQOM.

Our guests were Cardinal Seán, Janet Benestad (Cabinet Secretary for Faith Formation and Evangelization – now the Cabinet Secretary for the New Evangelization) and Tom Peterson, the founder of Catholics Come Home.


Cardinal Seán was running late himself due to the many questions at the news conference, so instead of being guest #1 he became guest #3 (after Janet and Tom).   We have come a long way in the flow of our show since that first episode.  I remember my wife, Ximena, commenting that I hosted with the pace of a basketball radio broadcaster (something I did in college) and it took a few weeks to get comfortable with hosting a talk show.


We thought, originally, that we would have several segments each hour (similar to the Son Rise Morning Show on EWTN Radio) but we soon found our groove with a one-hour format typically on one topic.  This has allowed us to explore many aspects with our guests and to do it at the pace of a good dinner-table conversation.  This long-form discussion on a topic is a little bit different from many shows on Catholic radio and on the sports and news stations I listen to typically.  It has worked well for The Good Catholic Life.  When we interview Catholic book authors, we receive gratitude and compliments for the way we are able to cover their topics in depth, because we are able to spend 56:30 on it.

We have profiled many church leaders, discussed Catholic news headlines each Thursday, discussed the momentous resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the Election of Pope Francis (from Rome!) and broadcasted so many cool episodes.  It has been such an honor to hear from people across the Archdiocese of Boston and the country (who listen on, on the iCatholic Radio mobile app, or via iTunes podcast downloads) that the show helps them live a “good Catholic life” and grow in the knowledge of their Catholic faith.


I am most grateful to our TGCL team over the past few years.  Our on-air hosts and regular weekly guests (Fr. Chris O’Connor, Fr. Matt Williams, Susan Abbott, Gregory Tracy, Fr. Roger Landry, Fr. Mark O’Connell, Fr. Chip Hines, Michael Lavigne, Dom Bettinelli) and our production team of Dom, George Martell, Rick Heil, Anna Johnson, Karla Goncalves and Stacia Morabito).  It takes a lot of work to produce each episode and the group has given their best in each of the 682 episodes thus far.

I’d also like to thank Cardinal Seán for suggesting the idea of a local Archdiocesan radio program when he formally inaugurated the station on 11/1/2010, and Jim Wright, Chris Kelley and everyone at the Station of the Cross who has supported the program and broadcasted it.  I also thank the Secretariat for the New Evangelization at the Archdiocese of Boston for their never-ending encouragement of radio as a tool to share the faith (and for its team members being regular guests).

I encourage you to tune in at 4pm, Monday through Friday.  Thanks for reading.  Please visit


P.S. To see the list of our 682 episodes and to listen to the audio file, please click HERE.